Balance Watches

This collection of watches is a further continuation of the physical alphabet I created using my teammate’s bodies as the letterforms. From that alphabet, I created vectorized and differently colored and sized patterns that fill the watch straps in each series of the watch collection. The form of the watches in each series supports the repetition of the watch shape throughout the collection, while the shape of each colored alphabet letter supports the pattern that was created specifically for each watch series.

Each series of watches represents a different time of day: morning, afternoon, and night. The pattern formed in each watch series is comprised of the letters of those times of day; the morning watch series pattern is made out of the letters in the word “morning.” The colors that each series contains demonstrate the unity and harmony that each series of watches contain, while supporting the watch collection as a whole. The purpose of this piece is to communicate how I have balanced both the life of a collegiate gymnast and graphic designer.

  • Type: Series
  • Purpose: Representation
  • Year: 2015