Do Amazing Things

With an opportunity to collaborate and create an interactive mural, my 3D Design class created a wordmark saying “Do Amazing Things.” This mural was on display at the Toledo, Ohio event, Artomatic 419, in March and April, 2015. If one stood in the designated spot of the room, all of the shapes and letters of the wordmark would align to form a picture perfect view of the mural.

The interactivity of the mural could be discovered when one stepped out of the designated viewing spot, therefore becoming able to see the many pieces and parts of the mural on multiple surfaces to allow its gigantic scale. In this project, I was involved in the color and shape selection and placement of the mural, as my classmates and I all contributed in different ways to this collaborative project. I also assisted in the outlining and painting of the mural onto the wall through the use of a projector and paint.

  • Type: 3D Mural
  • Purpose: Collaborative
  • Year: 2015