I Have What It Takes

Gymnastics and design are my two greatest passions; therefore, I combined the two to create a video that depicts what I believe one needs to be a Division I gymnast through the use of typography on my body and gymnastics itself. The lines of my body and of the typography on it create movement throughout the video, while the physical gymnastics forms and the visual typographic forms are repeated in each frame of the video.

The photographic stills of my body in color supports the contrast that is demonstrated through the use of a grayscale background, providing a juxtaposition that emphasizes the difficulty of both gymnastics and design. The purpose of this piece is to communicate just how much the sport of gymnastics requires the gymnast, doing so through the mediums of video, photography and type.

Watch the full project HERE

  • Type: Video & Photography
  • Purpose: Thesis Exploration
  • Year: 2015