Ordway Rebrand

The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts is recognized today as “one of the U.S.’s leading not-for-profit performing art centers, is home to a wide variety of performances throughout the year that encompass the finest in American musical theater, world music, dance, and vocal artists” (www.ordway.org/about/history). I chose to rebrand the Ordway because Minneapolis is the second largest theater district in the United States – something that not many know.

While rebranding the Ordway, I wanted to bring the contemporary and sophisticated look to the logo and brand standards that it is currently embracing on their website with a bright red, sans-serif logo. Based off of the typeface Futura, I created a geometric logo that is very shape based off of the circle, triangle and rectangle. These shapes form the basis of my brand standards. Through my rebrand, I brought fun, playful yet sophisticated changes to the brand along with a new and improved color palette that transforms the Ordway in a successful and interactive way.

  • Type: Branding System
  • Purpose: Major Rebrand
  • Year: 2015